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How is the calculation of the rooms of the Hotel - Café Kinnel in the year 2004 ? Decisive for that are the fairs and exhibitions as well as the school vacation in the state of Hesse (Germany). To the most important fairs presented in Frankfurt like home textiles, ambiente, the music fair, Tendence International, the IAA automechanika or the Frankfurt book fair we kindly ask you to make your reservation in time ! A calendary listing of all dates of the fair cities Frankfurt on Main and Offenbach is presented below the season calendar.

Summaey of the seasons in a graphical representation. The colour of the day relates to the day of arrival, e.g. the colour for the first january is in light blue, so the night from the 1st to the 2nd january is calculated as low season. The colours in the calendar mean thereby as follows:

B high season, fairs
A weekly rate - standard
C low season, vacation

The season times are important for the price calculation (variable rates) or all prices in Euro. Intermediate changing of the exchange rates can only shown after the next actualization. Dates and events of further fairs and exhibitions in Frankfurt am Main: Beautyworld, Christmasworld, Paperworld, Fur & Fashin, Finance, Hair & Beauty, Art Frankfurt as well as the Euromold at the end of the year.

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